Etna, le grand volcan

L’Etna, site du patrimoine mondial de l’Unesco, le volcan le plus grand et le plus puissant d’Europe, avec ses 3320 mètres de haut (en 2019) et 160 km de circonférence à sa base, a toujours été en activité presque continue depuis sa naissance, avec sa masse colossale domine le nord-est de la Sicile et les rives de la mer Ionienne.
Arriving at its slopes, you will be fascinated to contemplate this majestic volcano that stands out in the Sicilian sky, since the most remote antiquity. It is the breath of the primordial earth, unstoppable. It is the power of nature that frightens and at the same time it is beauty that seduces. Its incessant activity has generated myths and legends, in which extremes meet. “The giants Typhon and Enceladus locked up under the volcano by the Olympians, violently shook the mountain and the fire escaped with a great roar from the infernal workshop where the Cyclops forged the weapons of Zeus.