Since I was a kid I have been fascinated by the water and the underwater world. With my first fins and Mares mask, I spent countless hours in the water exploring a fascinating new underwater world. So, I found that the underwater world, with its rich variety and colors, offers an extraordinary background that I could only dream of, a different dimension from the one we share almost every day. So, in 2000 I started photographing the underwater world, everything was so different, from the strict attention to the details, common to the field of commercial photography.
Underwater photography allows us to show the inaccessible and also so close wonders, marine environment offers us. A good knowledge of marine species is essential to be able to approach them and avoid mistakes that could harm them.
Randomness in the underwater realm is something I’ve learned to love. It offered me, a balance, in my job. I owe so much to my Croatian friend Djani Iglic, one of the greatest Croatian underwater photographer also an expert in underwater archaeology, with whom in addition to the discovery of many species of nudibranchs present in the Tyrrhenian Sea, I was able to visit many archaeological sites present in the Dalmatian coasts.