The sinking of the Costa Concordia

The Costa Concordia cruise ship has sailed the Mediterranean sea for years, carrying hundreds of thousands of passengers on pleasant cruises. Unfortunately, during a cold night of January 13, 2012, everything changed. The Concordia left on 11 January from the port of Cagliari and, after having made a stopover in Palermo, arrived in Civitavecchia on 13 January. After sunset the ship set off for the last leg towards Savona. The official route involved the passage about halfway between the Argentario promontory and the island of Giglio. But this official route was modified to perform the so-called “bow”, that is, the maneuver whereby the ship is brought very close to the mainland for a sort of salute.
The shipwreck occurred at 9:45 pm, after a violent impact against a group of rocks emerging in front of the Giglio Island, known as the “Scole”. The impact caused the opening of a leak about 70 meters long on the left side of the hull (the submerged part of the ship), causing the ship to partially sink. The accident resulted in 32 deaths among the passengers and crew of the Costa Concordia. Two years later a diver also lost his life, during the work to remove the wreck, causing the number of victims linked to the tragedy to rise to 33.