Landscape photography is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding and amusing form of photography. Who wouldn’t want to go out, breathe some fresh air and be connected with the nature?
But what is landscape photography by definition? The word landscape was first used by early painters and represented natural scenery. In fact, the definition of “landscape” has evolved over the time. Originally, by early photographers, it was defined as a photo of the wilderness without any human influence. Photos of landscapes taken today often include artificial constructions such as buildings, bridges, boats, etc. Some people say that these are not landscapes, but I don’t agree with them. If the purpose of a landscape photo is not to contain artificial elements, it will be quite difficult to find a place to shoot. The pure desert is not accessible for most of us. With a photo of a beautiful landscape, I try to convey some of my sensations or moods and to achieve this I put in place my creativity and ability to composition.