The music that goes around

Covid-19 is also having serious consequences on the world of entertainment and music. The inevitable restrictive measures approved by the Italian government, and not only, to contain the pandemic have resulted in the cancellation of concerts and live events around the world. But the closed doors of theaters and stadiums do not stop the path started by the Fossati Project Band in 2015, which, using the web channels, give an all-digital response to the restrictive requirements imposed by the coronavirus emergency.

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Photography and dance, two arts without geographical borders

Many people are attracted to photography due to its ability to communicate ideas, emotions and thoughts. Contrary to verbal and written communication, which inevitably depend on the language, photography as well as dance do not need any kind of translation. Both are able to communicate and transmit, regardless of the origin of each of us. I will try to fix some reference points of these two arts, photography and dance, in order to create photos that can combine the best of these two disciplines.

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Pleasure boating in winter

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We are in January; the summer season is now over for quite a few months and almost most of the yachtsmen have stopped their boats to prepare them to face the winter season in the best possible way. The winter season is the best time to dedicate yourself to the maintenance, repairs and improvements – which are never missing.
Many boats and rafts are pulled ashore to carry out these operations and remain until able to return to the sea, as soon as, the weather conditions will allow it.
I went to visit the Onda Azzurra storage, located in the heart of the Etruscan Coast, near Piombino, where I made this video, which documents the state of quiet for boats and the non- stop activities for the workers busy with the maintenance.

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