Aurelio Patella

I began capturing my first photographic images on the street, as a boy, with “around my neck” a Zeiss bellows Super Ikonta 6 x 9, inherited from my grandfather. My professional career began in the 1980s, with my first collaboration with a photojournalistic agency in Palermo. Through my photos I can capture lights, emotions and natural moments of daily life. In the first half of the 80s I moved to Tuscany, where the great desire to experiment new photographic languages joined to my innate curiosity, lead me to create different reports in various areas. And it is with passion, technique acquired, experiences and study that my photographic path begins in the world of ADV, dance and fashion, creating numerous photo shoots, especially fashion shows. Journalist Publicist enrolled in the National Order of Journalists and member of the board of Apicom Toscana – Association of Italian Communication Professionals, I now direct Glant Studio Agency, a communication agency of which I am also a founding member.

To those who ask me, “which is the most beautiful photo you have taken”, I answer with the enthusiasm as always: the next one!