The miniatures of Tatsuya Tanaka’s calendars

Started as a means of photographing her collection of miniature dolls, Tatsuya Tanaka’s has evolved into a much larger and more creative project. Tanaka is not the first artist to experiment with small dioramas playing with everyday objects – and ingredients – but some of his works are truly amazing and have nothing to envy to the works of more well-known colleagues.
The Japanese artist Tatsuya Tanaka defines himself as an “artist in miniature and likeness”. In 2011 he started creating a “MINIATURE CALENDAR”, an art form that sees him use alternative objects to recreate everyday events seen from a miniature. All the objects used in the Tanaka scenes are of common use, such as food: broccolis become a lush forest where one can dance, popcorns are crumpled pieces of paper, and pistachios, strange objects / eggs that astronauts examine once arrived on a new planet.
Taken individually, the photos might cause a laugh or suggest a joke, but when viewed as a whole they turn into a fascinating study of the breadth of Tanaka’s creativity. Daily events seen from a mignon perspective favours funny thoughts.
His photos portray mainly figures grappling with their daily “needs”. And just like a regular calendar, the photos are uploaded daily on his website, which became very popular on the net.
The artist says: “It would be fantastic if you could use it to add some fun to your daily life.”

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